Can Good Men Buy Sex?

Can good men buy sex?

By: Brittany Langois


It was a question that ran through my mind morning and night. Who are the faces behind this multi-billion dollar industry? Surely, it must be twisted men who would buy a person for sex. Someone who lacks a heart to use and abuse a human being like a disposable razor. To look at the dark truth of who is supporting this industry is mind boggling, or is it?

In a culture that over sexualizes everything, it’s not surprising that human trafficking is a major problem. The reality of it is that the men who support this industry are just normal “good” guys all from various backgrounds. It’s not a matter of good or bad but rather how deep they are trapped by lust. How does it all start? How do they get to the point of buying sex? Maybe it started out as a kid who was exposed to pornography which later turned into an addiction. After some time, the pornography is not enough so he goes a little further by going to strip clubs and peep shows. Still unsatisfied, he takes it a step further and is buying sex to satisfy this unquenchable desire. See that’s the problem with lust, it is never satisfied. Lust will always look to exploits others. It only thinks of itself and conditions us to use, manipulate and exploit others for our own self-centered gratification. Lust numbs the heart by dehumanizing people, so we no longer see them as a person but rather just an object. Lust consumes. It looks for disposable people. Along with lust always comes shame. Shame is what tells us to hide the dark we are dabbling in, never to be seen. Shame tells us to put on that mask of perfect and put together. All this is happening in the dark corners of his heart and mind, stored as locked up secrets that hold him bound.

The porn industry plays a vital role in the trafficking industry. Porn is the leash that keeps men trapped and wanting more. Our minds are extremely complex. What we see with our eyes, our brain takes snapshots of and stores the images along with the feelings we felt in the moment. Have you ever wondered why you are so affected emotionally by a movie you watched? You sit in the theater watching the movie but to your mind it is reality and you feel like you are in the movie. You feel what the actors feel. It’s no different with porn. Our mind tricks us and makes us feel like we are there. Many times, men will buy sex to try out what they have been exposed to in porn.

It’s not just the sick and twisted individual that we conjure up in our minds but rather those just like us that were tempted by lust and then trapped by it. It can be anyone. Our coworkers, our friends, our family. We think that the only one hurt in the process is the one being trafficked but it goes both ways. The man buying sex is so bound by lust and ashamed for what he is involved in that he keeps it a secret. He will do whatever it takes to keep it a secret. He is a slave to lust and needs the freedom as much as those being trafficked if not more.