Volunteer Experience with Jazmine Goodman

Recently we sat down with our Director Of Case Management Jazmine Goodman. We asked her some questions about her experience working with victims of Human Trafficking. It got real. 

1. How has working with HT victims changed the way you feel about people?

"I don’t think serving this type of population could not have a direct effect on the way that I view humanity.  I think that so many people are quick to judge those around them and I would say one of the many things that I have taken away from this job is that often victims of human trafficking are people that we come across in our daily activities.  That thought is sobering, and it brings a deeper sense of empathy towards the strangers that I may come across in a place as simple as the grocery store, the mall, or at a restaurant.  No longer can I look at a person and have apathy towards them.  Rather, I look at them and can truly say that I have gained a different understanding that they very well could be a victim of human trafficking, homelessness, or may have a past in one of those two areas."

2.    How have you been impacted by working with victims of HT?

"That is a hard question.  I think that it is difficult to see your own transformation as a person when you are still so engulfed in the daily chaos that often comes with this job.  I would say that I have been softened because of the increased empathy as mentioned in the previous question.  I have been hardened because I have to realize that with this job comes a level of danger and to be anything other than cautious and “hard” can be unwise at times.  I have become bolder because the passion that burns inside of me to serve this population increases with every new client that we receive.  With every new story I hear, my passion is reignited, and I become bolder and more and more unafraid to face the darkness that lies within the streets of Albuquerque; and bolder to speak up and raise awareness that this is a very real thing and this very real thing lurks in our own backyards.  I have learned a unique balance that is to be hard, but soft and bold, but meek." 

3. Why do you work with this population?

"Simple.  It is a calling.  I believe that God works all things for His glory.  I believe that from the beginning of my life, I have been intentionally prepared for this very season in my life and I believe that every single character trait that I possess has been formed to serve these women."

4. Can you share some stories about working with clients? Good or bad!

"I have so many! I have had clients tell me off and run away from our program.  I have had clients who have chosen to go back to “the Life” and those are some of the greatest heartbreaks of this job.  But we have also served clients who work hard to improve their lives and seek counseling and thrive and those are the moments of this job that make it worth it; to see someone transform from a place of hopelessness to a place of promise and hope, it is easily one of the most beautiful parts of my job and I am honored to have experienced those moments."