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What Is DMST?

Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking, or DMST, is a form of child prostitution in which young, primarily homeless, children are forced into in order to survive. There are approximately 5000 homeless youth in New Mexico alone. 1 in 5 homeless youth are approached by a trafficker within 48 hours of being homeless, which means that there are 1000 of them currently engaged in sex trafficking.

  • Albuquerque is a hot-spot for traffickers to pick up homeless youth and coerce them into the commercial sex industry
  • New Mexico currently has a D grade in Legislation, Response, and Services available to DMST victims.
  • There are currently NO dedicated beds to DMST victims and NO specialized services for DMST victims in New Mexico 

More info about DMST in Albuquerque:



The New Mexico Dream Center is an Organization who exists to restore the dreams of the Hopeless, the Helpless, the Hurting, and the Broken. We are committed to identifying gaps in services in New Mexico and since there are not any current services that address Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST) in the entire state we are taking on this issue!

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