We are a faith-based, volunteer driven, 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization that finds and fills the needs in our community. 


Our Mission

The purpose of the New Mexico Dream Center is to "Restore the dreams of the hopeless, the helpless, the hurting and the broken," by providing help and human services to the most vulnerable and at-risk families, youth, and individuals in our community that address immediate and long term needs in the areas of human trafficking, addiction, veteran services, homelessness, aged-out youth, hunger, poverty, and education. 

Phase 1- Coming Soon

Spoken for

To better confront Human Trafficking in New Mexico we will offer a safe, 15-day Inpatient Social Detox Program for sexually exploited women followed by a 12-month transitional living opportunity. Our facility will provide private rooms, meals, and will have capabilities to meet medical needs, both on and offsite. In addition, our program will provide nutritional, fitness, and faith-based mental health counseling services, basic educational services, and job skill training.

Human Trafficking